Kanye West Named Immortal by Rolling Stone



Kanye West has been named ‘immortal’ by Rolling Stone.

"Back in 2004, Rolling Stone assembled an expert panel of musicians, industry figures and critics to pick the 50 greatest artists of all time. We called these artists “The Immortals.” A year later, our panelists expanded the roster to 100 all-time great artists, which you can read right here. But time stands still for no list, and when we look around us today we see a whole galaxy of other stars who belong in the Immortals conversation… artists who we think will stand the test of time – the kind of acts whose names we wouldn’t be surprised to see on a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ballot at some point down the road when they become eligible. Meet the New Immortals.”

Kanye West

"Back in 2000, when Kanye West was an up-and-coming producer from Chicago with a name that people kept mispronouncing (if they knew it at all), virtually no one expected him to become a superstar. No one, that is, except Kanye West.

He pursued his vision until it became a reality – placing several beats on Jay-Z’s 2001 LP The Blueprint, then stepping into the spotlight with his brilliant debut, 2004’s The College Dropout. He could have settled into a comfortable career from there, but Kanye has never been one to settle. His music got even more ambitious with each release, even as his lyrics got more searingly honest, peaking with 2010’s complicated masterpiece, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Once he was an outsider; today, it’s just about impossible to imagine our world without him”

Article: Rolling Stone