Pusha-T Talks Cruel Summer

"I’m in the dark just as much as you guys," Pusha T, who is featured on both singles released from the album, "Mercy" and "New God Flow," tells Billboard.com. "Nothing is conventional with these guys. It’s to the point now, and it’s so bad, because [West]’s been so unconventional… that people won’t even accept conventional shit from him. I know we’re not gonna start now."

A prime example of West’s secrecy? GOOD Music’s performance at the 2012 BET Awards on July 1, which featured a giant fake Lamborghini onstage. “I’m like, ‘Yo, what are we gonna do for the BET Awards?’ He goes, ‘Oh, I got something.’ I walk out, it’s like a fucking 50-foot fucking Lamborghini!’” Pusha exclaims. “You know what he tells us? He tells us things like what color to wear. ‘Hey, bring white or black.’ ‘Okay, what are we doing?’ ‘Bring white or black.’” 

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