Kanye West Wins Against #Bitcoin “COINYE”

Back in January a group of coders created a currency referencing the name of Kanye West called “COINYE”. The currency released on January 7th out of no where as the coders who created stated they wanted to release it before “the man” put a stop to it. After ignoring several cease and desist Mr. West legal team sued the creators, and finally the verdict is in…

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@SpokenReasons Talks Kanye West

Recently Vlad TV sat down with up & coming comedian and actor Spoken Reasons. In the interview they discuss what got him into his career path also his upcoming future plans. During the discussion he discusses the impact Kanye West and “College Dropout” had on his decision to follow his dreams.

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MBDTF Ranked #1 Album Of The Century

In the most recent edition of GQ Magazine (in which Kanye covers) the editorial released a list entitled “The 21 Albums From the 21st Century” that every man should hear. On the list Kanye West came in at the very TOP for his epic 5th studio album entitled “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”.

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